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Posted by Saad on 3rd Jan 2021

New research about Cannabidiol gets published in journals quite often. Indeed, scientists and researchers are constantly discovering new aspects about this compound. It is the primary component of CBD oil, gummies, edibles, and other products. Though, the best CBD oil would contain the highest quality of CBD compounds.

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Now, let us return to our discussion on CBD oil. If you are a curious person, you may want to learn more about CBD oil. For instance, you may wonder how the best CBD oil is produced. So, we shall start from there.

How is CBD Oil Produced?

There are multiple methods of making CBD oil. We shall look at each of them in detail below:

Carbon dioxide Extraction

However, the most common one is Carbon dioxide extraction. In this method, experts use a machine called a closed-loop extractor. This machine uses liquid Carbon Dioxide to extract the CBD mixture from hemp leaves through absorption.

Then, the liquid carbon dioxide converts back into gas. However, the CBD mixture remains in a liquid state and is recovered. This mixture is what we call, CBD oil.

The resulting quality of CBD oil would depend on the expertise of the machine operator, the quality of hemp leaves, and the technical capabilities of the machine itself.

Carbon dioxide extraction typically produces the best CBD oil. Though, it is an expensive process. For instance, the capital costs of the closed-loop extractor can be high. With that, its operation is not easy and requires someone who has technical knowledge.

Liquid Solvent Extraction

Well, liquid Carbon dioxide is not the only candidate that can absorb CBD from hemp leaves. Other than that, several other liquids can also be used that include isopropyl alcohol, ethanol, hexane, and butane.

This is a much cheaper method of extraction. However, it can result in the absorption of impurities such as chlorophyll that comes from the plant. Hence, the resulting CBD mixture may end up with a bitter taste and a green hue. However, one can adjust the process to minimize this.

Liquid solvent extraction is employed in lower-end facilities, as it is cheaper and can produce big batches of CBD oil.

Oil Infusion

This is one of the DIY recipes for making CBD oil. However, it may not result in the best CBD oil. For that, we suggest you choose a high-end yet affordable brand in our online store, 'buy CBD’.

Oil infusion is an ancient technique. It dates to several hundred years. Though this method is still popular today, it comes with some downsides.

This process first requires you to decarboxylate the hemp leaves. Furthermore, you may also have to heat these leaves a bit to activate their components.

After that, you must add a carrier oil such as olive oil and heat it along with the hemp leaves for two hours at a hundred degrees. The biggest downside of this process is that it is not very efficient. However, it is a low-cost way of producing low-end CBD oil.


Distillation is more of a refining process, rather than an extraction process. Experts use distillation on already extracted CBD mixtures to further purify them. Typically, the best CBD oil brands do employ distillation as the final process after extraction.

In this process, the mixture is heated up. The impurities in the mixture begin boiling at different temperatures and then exit in the form of vapors. These vapors turn back into a liquid via condensation which separates them. As a result of this, the original CBD mixture becomes purified.


We hope that this article was helpful to you. Now, you probably know how the experts make the best CBD oil. If you want to learn more about Cannabidiol, we suggest you read other guides in our blog.

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