CBD Joints

Posted by Saad on 22nd Aug 2021

CBD joints, rolls, or smokes. Doesn’t matter what you call them, they’re trending! This trend has led to the CBD industry touching never-before-seen heights as countless people demand top-quality CBD for sale. In recent times, one variety of CBD has caught the eye of CBD enthusiasts more than others. We’re talking about CBD joints!

These joints are quickly becoming the go-to form of CBD for several buyers however, there’s one problem. Many people are still confusing them for Marijuana joints whereas the only thing similar between the two is their appearance! Let’s solve the mystery of CBD joints and talk about why everyone loves them in this detailed article.

The Famous CBD Joints

Wondering what these joints are? In simple terms, they’re a CBD variety that is rolled in hemp rolling paper, or any rolling paper of your choice. Many brands today provide pre-rolled CBD joints but you can also purchase CBD (Cannabidiol) in bud form and roll it yourself.

The main thing to know about these joints is that they exist in varying concentrations of CBD and THC. However, much like all other CBD varieties, these joints don’t have more than 0.3% of THC. The ones that do are branded as Marijuana.

CBD Joints Market Size

It’s understood that CBD joints are trending but just how much are they trending? According to research done by a cannabis analytics firm called Headset, the sale of these joints reached $941.6 million in 2020. This was nearly a 50% increase from the sales compared to the year before!

An interesting thing to note is that this rise is greater than the growth of the marijuana industry as a whole (39.4%) in the same period! The signs of growth for CBD joints aren’t slowing down either with reports showing a 144% increase in sales from January 2020 to January 2021.

CBD Joints & Marijuana Joints– The Difference

so, what’s the difference between CBD joints and Marijuana joints? Both of them may be similar in shape and form but one is obtained from the hemp flower and the other is obtained from the marijuana flower.

As a result, they have differences in percentages of key chemical compounds, the main difference being in the percentages of a compound known as THC. CBD joints have low concentrations of THC (up to 0.3% legally) whereas Marijuana joints have high concentrations of THC. Several studies have been done to show the difference between CBD and Marijuana.

Why Are CBD Joints Trending?

No matter where you look in the CBD industry, you’ll see the mention of CBD joints. Why are they trending so much? A few reasons can explain just why everyone enjoys purchasing these CBD joints compared to other CBD varieties like CBD tinctures.

First of all, these joints are the most convenient form of CBD to purchase. You can buy them pre-rolled from brands and avoid the hassle of ‘preparing’ your CBD! Next, buying joints from vendors can help you out if you’re not experienced in the art of rolling joints. It’s not a walk in the park for everyone and many prefer buying tightly-made joints online rather than rolling them!

Furthermore, these joints are very easy to travel with. You can just put them in a pack and take them with you wherever you want to! Last but not least, many CBD buyers have reported that CBD joints are the most bioavailable form of CBD. Keeping all these reasons in mind, it’s hard to see why CBD buyers wouldn’t prefer buying these joints!

3 Most Popular CBD Joints Brands

Now that you know all about CBD joints, let’s talk about 3 of the top brands offering them! First of all, you should know that no brand faces any difficulty in providing these joints as they are 100% legal for sale all over the US.

Hence, many brands have recently started providing these joints and 3 of the top ones are:

●Botany Farms

●Half Day CBD

●King of Hemp

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