CBD Oil Cartridge - The Basics

Posted by Saad on 26th May 2021

It’s amazing how far the CBD world has come and is expected to go. This ever-rising popularity of the CBD world has led to many interesting CBD varieties popping up for sale. One of these varieties is the CBD oil cartridge.

These cartridges are famously made for CBD vapes and as many of you may know, the vaping industry is as popular as can be! This availability of the CBD oil cartridge has led many vaping enthusiasts to enter this CBD world – and today CBD’s demand is twice what it was in recent years. To help buyers cope with this ever-expanding CBD world, we at Buy CBD provide a detailed blog section that offers articles on everything to do with CBD. Today, we’re going to discuss CBD oil cartridges.

CBD and Vaping

Did you know that in 2011, there were only 7 million vapers worldwide? However, as of 2018, that number has gone up to 41 million! And it’s not just a coincidence that CBD vapes entered the market in 2017/2018.

In fact, many believe that these CBD vapes and CBD oil cartridges played a big role in helping the vaping industry become so popular! Today, over 40% of Americans buy CBD regularly and the CBD industry is valued at around nearly $2 billion. Much of this worth is owed to the CBD vapes and oil cartridges available.

What Is A CBD Oil Cartridge?

The CBD oil cartridge is quite simply the rising star of the CBD industry. These oil cartridges contain CBD vape oil and the main ingredient in this vape oil is Cannabidiol. Other ingredients are also found in this CBD oil cartridge such as vegetable glycerin, flavoring, etc.

This CBD oil cartridge can be created with 3 types of CBD:


●Full-spectrum CBD extract

●Broad-spectrum CBD extract

Types of CBD Oil Cartridge

Want to know the best part about the CBD oil cartridge? It’s available in two different types! Let’s take a brief look at these two types:


The first type is the refillable CBD oil cartridge. These are empty vape tanks that have an internal coil and wicking system. They aren’t that expensive and are considered more cost-effective when compared to pre-filled cartridges. Furthermore, filling these cartridges yourself will help you be sure of the contents as some vendors offer faulty CBD for sale.


The pre-filled CBD cartridges are a convenient way to purchase CBD if you’re not in the mood for any hassle. These cartridges are easily disposable and some of them can be filled with CBD oil a few times before being disposed of.

How to Fill an Empty CBD Oil Cartridge?

Wondering how you can fill an empty CBD oil cartridge? It’s not as hard as you would think! You just have to follow a few simple steps. First of all, you have to unscrew the mouthpiece of your vape. Take your CBD vape oil bottle and fill the cartridge. Make sure to not get any liquid inside the middle.

A syringe can be used for this process if your bottle doesn’t have a fine tip dropper. Make sure not to overfill your cartridge so there is some room for you to put the mouthpiece back on. After this, wait for 10-15 minutes to prime the coil. Always remember, once the flavor diminishes or becomes burnt, it’s time for a new cartridge!

Things to Keep In Mind When Buying CBD Oil Cartridges

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when you buy a CBD oil cartridge:

●Always purchase from a reliable vendor (such as us at Buy CBD!). Do your research before you make a purchase.

●Always make sure to charge the battery of your vape pen.

●Make sure the coil is primed.

●Some cartridges require a bit more voltage.

●After clicking the button 5 times, turn the battery off to achieve the best results.

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