CBD Oil Pen

Posted by Saad on 22nd Apr 2021

Wondering whether you should buy a CBD oil pen or stick with conventional products such CBD gummies, capsules, and concentrates? If this is the first time you are planning to get a CBD pen, get ready to learn some new things.

You see, a CBD oil pen requires a person to go through a significant learning curve in comparison. When it comes to other products, buyers have to do research about the company, quality, prices, and other similar factors. It is relatively easy to figure out what to buy.

However, a CBD oil pen is far more complex. It is essentially a vape device that contains many internal components. Learning about each of these components might be necessary for the proper functioning of the Cannabidiol pen device. And this is where many new buyers give up.

While it might sound too complex from the outside, the working of a CBD pen is very simple. So, worry not and just read this guide until the very end.

What is CBD Oil Pen?

A CBD oil pen is a vape device. This device takes in an oily liquid which is heated with the help of a coil. This gives rise to vapors of oil that contain all the original components present in the liquid, to begin with.

This is the basic underlying concept. However, when you are shopping for CBD Oil pens or other vape products, you must remember some basic guidelines. First, make sure that the Cannabidiol oil or any vape juice that you are buying does not contain more than 0.3% THC. This is the base limit in all the states where recreational cannabis is banned.

CBD products are legal in most states, provided that they follow the less than 0.3% THC criteria. So, if you are traveling from a state that legalizes recreational cannabis, make sure that you read up on the laws of the other state where you are headed to.

This can help you avoid unwanted issues with the law. This especially applies to a CBD Oil pen. If you are buying a CBD Pen juice outside your state, check the labels thoroughly to ensure that the THC content is lower than the specified percentage.

Why Buy a CBD Oil Pen?

He biggest reason why people prefer to buy CBD oil pen is that it is quite cost-effective. Furthermore, CBD pens come in a wide range of options. For instance, you can buy these pens in various battery sizes. Of course, the bigger the battery is, the longer it will function on a full charge.

However, their run-time also sometimes depends on the quality of the pen itself and the type of battery, rather than the size.

With that, you can buy CBD pens that are as small as your pinky finger, and as large as a large-screen smartphone. There are endless varieties out there. And this is one of the biggest reasons why CBD enthusiasts are so fascinated with CBD oil pens.

Furthermore, they also come in many colors. Hence, the customization options are aplenty. This is yet another reason why CBD oil pens grab the interest of a wide range of CBD enthusiasts.

How Long Does CBD Oil Pen Last on Full-Charge?

Most CBD pens have a run-time of a few hours on a full charge. However, given the small battery sizes, do not expect them to stay on for days. Rather, a small-sized CBD oil pen may run for an hour or two on a full charge. And it might take around 3-4 hours to get it fully charged.

So, depending on how many times you turn it on in one day, you may have to charge it once or multiple times. But typically, this is not a problem as most people would not turn it on more than a couple of times in a day.


A CBD Oil pen is a recent invention. This device incorporates a large variety of CBD pen oils and juices. However, if you are buying it for the first time, you might end up slightly overwhelmed due to the unlimited options.

Again, the same rules apply here. Before buying any CBD oil pen or CBD oil/juices, check reviews on the internet and make sure that the company is reliable. The Internet is full of information in the form of various helpful guides. You can find many of these in our CBD Blog. But there are also many other reliable resources out there. Just keep looking for authentic information!