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Posted by Saad on 30th Sep 2021

CBD for sale has made quite the entrance and it’s here to stay! Known as one of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, it has become highly demanded in recent times. Many buyers interested in buying CBD are inquisitive about the CBD seeds mentioned online. Today, we’re going to give you all the information you need on it!

One would expect that people know plenty about CBD seeds. However, you’ll be surprised to learn that little information is available on CBD seeds hence, buyers are naturally confused. ‘What are they?’ ‘Are they different from Marijuana seeds?’ ‘Why should I buy them?’ These are some of the countless questions buyers have regarding CBD seeds. Let’s answer all of them in this detailed article!

What Are CBD Seeds? 

So, what are CBD seeds and where do they come from? First, you should know that CBD is short for Cannabidiol and it’s derived from the hemp or Cannabis sativa plant. This plant provides CBD-containing flowers and these flowers contain CBD seeds.

These seeds are used to grow further CBD plants or can be experimented with in different ways to create interesting CBD varieties.

Are CBD Seeds Different From Marijuana Seeds?

Did you know that many people mistake CBD seeds for Marijuana seeds? That’s because these two types of seeds are very hard to tell apart! In some cases, only an expert can tell which is which.

Both of them are derived from the same plant but one major difference sets them worlds apart. That difference is the percentage of THC in both these varieties! CBD varieties are known to have 0.3% or lower THC whereas Marijuana varieties are known to have high traces of THC. This leads to major differences and puts the CBD seeds in an entirely different category than Marijuana seeds.

Are These Seeds Legal?

CBD seeds and Marijuana seeds are different but are there also differences in legality for them? Well, yes. As of December 2018, Hemp seeds or CBD seeds are legal all across the US however, the same is not the case for Marijuana seeds.

Marijuana continues to fight a legal battle but CBD has been declared the winner of its legal war. Today, it’s available in countless varieties such as capsules, gummies, and more all across the US.

Why Should You Buy CBD Seeds?

Ever wondered why there’s such a craze for these CBD seeds? Let’s look at a few reasons CBD enthusiasts prefer to purchase them:

Original Form:

Who wouldn’t enjoy buying CBD in its most original form? That’s exactly what you are doing when you are getting these seeds! When buying them, buyers can be assured that their seeds will have barely been tampered with.

Hence, there would be less reason to worry about their authenticity. Just make sure that you don’t end up purchasing Marijuana seeds by mistake as they look very similar!

Extensive Varieties and Low Prices:

CBD seeds are popular for many reasons but perhaps the major reason they are adored by the CBD community is the extensive varieties they are available in! These varieties are available at the most economical prices and this provides buyers with the perfect chance to purchase the CBD they require without having to spend too much.

This allows buyers to experiment with various CBD seeds before choosing the one they think is best.

It’s A Great Hobby!

Last but not least, customers who purchase these seeds will find that growing CBD is a great way to pass the time! Developing such healthy hobbies are great for the mind and also allows physical activity hence keeping you healthy.

Where Can You Buy CBD Seeds?

A question that bothers several CBD enthusiasts is ‘Where can I find CBD seeds available for sale?’ While countless CBD providers offer CBD in both the local and online markets, only a handful of these vendors have CBD seeds in their inventory.

The best bet any CBD buyer has of buying these seeds is to search for them online. Several vendors provide high-quality CBD and you’re sure to find the one that fits you best! Just make sure to read a few brand reviews on the brand you choose to purchase from to make sure you’re getting the best CBD possible.

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