How to Make CBD Oil

Posted by Saad on 26th Feb 2021

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Moreover, we share insights and interesting things through our CBD blog, and this post isn’t different. But before we introduce the topic, answer this question: Do you know how to make CBD oil? There are more chances of getting a shake of the head than getting a nod.

Anyways, what if we told you how to make CBD oil? Are things looking more interesting now? Well, most of you have already become interested. So, let’s not wait further. You can learn how to make CBD oil so that you don’t have to buy CBD all the time and prepare your own CBD formula at home.

Key Considerations

Like every method, you need to take some precautions. To make CBD oil, consider these:

CBD Extracted from Marijuana vs Hemp

In the US, CBD oil made from Hemp plant is legal. You’re not allowed to process a marijuana plant to extract the CBD oil.

The thing is, a cannabis plant comprises different cannabinoids, including CBD. The second ingredient of the plant is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which should be in the least possible amount. In the US, THC level should be under 0.3%, and marijuana has a higher percentage of this substance.

On the other hand, the Hemp plant not only offers a higher concentration of CBD, but its THC level is well under 0.3%.

Licensed Grower

To ensure that the CBD oil is organic, always buy the plant or hemp seeds from a licensed manufacturer. At times, the soil of the Hemp fields can get contaminated and affects the CBD yield. Moreover, the addition of other contaminants doesn’t serve the purpose - you’re not able to extract pure CBD oil.

Therefore, always choose the raw material from licensed growers because their production regularly undergoes rigorous testing.

Lab Test Reports

If you’re okay with the CBD oil available in the market, make sure it’s pre-tested in a certified facility, an ISO-certified lab, maybe. Plus, don’t hesitate to ask for lab reports. Reliable CBD vendors like Buy CBD always provide these reports upon request.

With all of these considerations, now let’s move to how to make CBD oil.

How to Make CBD Oil: Steps

The first step in how to make CBD oil is to soak the hemp plant in essential oil. For this purpose, coconut oil is one of the most common ingredients. It may take some time. Or you can apply the heat to increase the CBD extraction rate. For CBD extraction, often water and alcohols are also quite common.

Simmer the mixture till it turns into a crude paste. Keep stirring it after every 10-15 minutes. Then allow it to cool. CBD oil manufacturers usually apply the CO2 extraction process that eliminates the risk of impurities. At room temperature, Carbon Dioxide leaves the mixture.

Again, add the carrier oil to the mixture on low heat. Keep stirring at regular intervals to make sure all the ingredients are properly mixed with the oil. Finally, allow the liquid to cool, then store it in bottles with proper seals.

There you go, your CBD oil is ready. But does it only have CBD? Let’s find out below:

What Other Components You’re Getting in CBD Oil?

If you’re looking for pure CBD oil, you may need to refine it a couple more times and repeat the same process mentioned above. But if you’re happy with what you get after the first attempt, there will be some other cannabis components along with CBD. These include:

  • CBC - Cannabigerol
  • CBDV - Cannabidivarin
  • CBG - Cannabichromene

Other than minor cannabis, the CBD oil contains Terpene, because of which you’re able to smell the cannabis.

They all combine with the main ingredient, CBD, to give you a broad spectrum (or full spectrum) CBD oil, which is quite popular among CBD buyers. Many people prefer to buy this oil type over pure CBD extracts.

Takeaway on How to Make CBD Oil

While the process is not too difficult, you might need to work on your knowledge regarding the cannabis plant, growers, and all the lab reports accompanying it. Alternatively, you can choose from a long list of CBD oil offered by CBD vendors like Buy CBD.

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