Project CBD - The Essential CBD Information

Posted by Saad on 20th Jul 2021

While the title ‘Project CBD’ may sound like a plan out of the Mission Impossible movie series, we assure you it has nothing to do with the Hollywood world! Project CBD is an independent platform that is dedicated to providing the latest and greatest information regarding the CBD world.

Many CBD enthusiasts think that apart from offering CBD knowledge, Project CBD is also a CBD provider and they offer a wide variety of CBD for sale. However, that’s not entirely true… To find out all the details, keep reading this detailed article and get all the information you require!

The CBD World

The last century has been quite the rollercoaster ride for the CBD industry. From being properly understood through Raphael Mechoulam’s three-dimensional structure of CBD, to entering the market properly in 2008, CBD has been under the spotlight. Is it worth the hype?

After being taken off the Schedule 1 list in the US, the CBD industry took off! Vendors popped up in the thousands in both the local and online CBD market and today the CBD industry is estimated to be worth around $2 billion. In this rising era of CBD, buyers needed reliable knowledge on everything related to CBD. Where could they get this knowledge? Project CBD!

The Truth about Project CBD

First things first, Project CBD does not offer any CBD for sale. They are a group of journalists who established this corporation in 2010 with the hope of providing relevant knowledge regarding CBD (Cannabidiol).

Being a group of journalists, it only makes sense that Project CBD studies everything in the CBD world! In their blog section, you can find articles such as ‘What is CBD’, ‘CBD User’s Guide’, and much more.

The Mission Statement of Project CBD

The mission statement at Project CBD is quite clear. They were a group of journalists who had been covering the medical marijuana story and felt that the reintroduction of CBD-rich cannabis into the grassroots supply required attention.

They decided they would be the group who would give it this attention and hence started providing services for doctors and patients to help understand Cannabidiol better. Their mission is to engage news outlets around the world to educate the public on CBD and cannabis therapeutics.

What Sort Of Services Do They Provide?

Wondering what sort of services Project CBD has to offer to its visitors? Today, they offer educational services for physicians, industry professionals, physicians, and also the general public. These services include:

●Keeping doctors and patients updated on developments in cannabis science, therapeutics, etc.

●Helping other physicians and researchers study and publish data on CBD.

●Providing training workshops for health workers, consumers, and dispensary staff to help them better understand the benefits and challenges of CBD.

●Offering a CBD locator map to help buyers find storefronts and delivery services.

●Publishing a free online newsletter.

●The co-production of cannabis conversations - an educational video series.

Why Should Independent Brands Support Project CBD?

Think about it, if Project CBD is helping the world understand CBD better, then that would benefit independent brands! How? By helping consumers understand CBD’s benefits and challenges, Project CBD would encourage consumers to buy CBD.

Since Project CBD does not offer CBD for sale, who would benefit? CBD brands in the market! Hence, it is in the best interest of CBD brands to offer their help and support to project CBD. Many of them are doing so as we speak! This help will in turn provide the CBD industry the launching platform it requires to break further barriers in the market and reach limits never thought of before!

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