How to Figure Out You’re Buying Pure CBD Oil

Posted by Saad on 4th Jan 2021

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Why There’s a Concern Over Pure CBD Oil Quality

There are many factors, but the most significant one has to be the industry’s age. The CBD industry in the US is still crawling. There haven’t been too many regulations, or rather standard procedures, to manufacturing pure CBD oil.

This is why, apart from the FDA proposed standards, you also need to play your part in making sure you have an authentic product in your hand. Here are a few reasons why you should dig deep into CBD products:

  • While there are some standard processes, some companies might adopt cheaper methods to extract the CBD vape oil. Food-grade ethanol or CO2 extraction processes are recommended process
  • Ideally, pure CBD oil should come from hemp; however, higher levels of THC may pose an issue
  • Even with hemp used in CBD extraction, you cannot disregard the presence of heavy metals, attributing to the location where hemp grows
  • The manufacturer or the company might have a poor reputation, especially when you’re buying online

Here’s how you find out if the CBD oil you’re buying is pure or not.

How to Find Out Pure CBD Oil

There are a number of ways to figure out if the CBD oil is pure or not. Follow these steps to get to the conclusion. Whether you buy online or from a local store, these steps will help you find the best product.

Read the CBD Label

Just like you read the instruction manual of any product you buy, it’s important to spend a minute or two reading the label to make sure it’s pure CBD oil. The label normally features CBD oil ingredients, which will give you a good idea.

So, what are you going to ensure on the label? Two important things, and we’ll discuss each of them separately.


According to the existing US laws, CBD products featuring hemp are legal. For your information, CBD comes from two main sources, marijuana and hemp. Hemp is a standard CBD oil source, given that it is grown according to the FDA regulations, and the grower is licensed.

That’s because CBD hemp oil features lesser THC content compared to the one extracted from marijuana. Hemp is the main ingredient of pure CBD oil.

THC level below 0.3%

All CBD products contain THC, but their presence should be negligible. Naturally, marijuana has a high CBD vs THC ratio, while the hemp plant contains low THC concentration. Upon CBD extraction, the THC level minimizes, thanks to the base oil.

According to the FDA, any CBD product with a THC level below 0.3% is legal. So, make sure that the label mentions this information.

Ask for Lab Reports

While the label will give you sufficient information about the pure CBD oil, you may want more proof to validate the information. How would you go about it?

Luckily, all authentic CBD products are backed by third-party lab tests, making sure they’re safe and have no side effects. This is the best way to validate the authenticity of pure CBD oil. Lab reports will provide all the information about the ingredients used in the extraction of CBD, hence the oil.

Needless to say, to have the status of pure CBD oil, it needs to pass the lab test.

Final Words

Now, you can buy pure CBD oil from anywhere. However, we recommend buying CBD online. It’s because you get loads of information about the product, its ingredients, customer reviews, and more. Plus, you can find other helpful information via their CBD blog.

This is an advantage over purchasing from a local store. You don’t get sufficient information about the products, because sales representatives may not have that much knowledge about that particular product.

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