What Does CBD Feel Like?

Posted by Saad on 18th Aug 2021

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So, if you’ve been taking baby steps in the world of CBD, you must be wondering what does CBD feel like? It is an important question, especially for those who are thinking about making a career in this niche. So, let’s find out what does CBD feel like.

What Does CBD Feel Like? Appearance and Texture

The question, ‘What does CBD feel like?’ is a tricky one. So, before we start, we’d like to clarify that you’re going to learn about the physical properties of CBD, such as appearance.

So, let’s get started.

What Does CBD Feel Like?

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, exists in liquid and solid states. Some products are CBD infused, which means CBD is infused on high pressure, just like gasses. However, that’s the volatile state, and you can’t really tell what does CBD feel like if it’s in a gaseous state, except that it’s extremely hot to touch.

The question, what does CBD feel like can be explained in a number of ways, depending on the physical appearance and texture of this substance. You have to first look into the CBD extraction processes.

CBD extraction is carried out with the help of either alcohols or carrier oils. If the extraction involves alcohol, the resultant residue will give a cooler water-like feel. In comparison, if the process is carried out with the help of carrier oil, such as coconut oil or hemp-seed oil, then the resultant mixture will be more viscous.

Apart from being heavier than tinctures, CBD oil would feel slightly hotter. However, you can’t really tell what does CBD feel like if you’re only concerned about the substance. You need to refine the residue so that other chemicals and impurities vanish, leaving behind cannabinoids.

For this purpose, we’re including some CBD products to give you an idea about their appearance and texture.

What Does CBD Capsule Feel Like?

CBD capsules are quite popular on the market. Encapsulated in vegetarian shells, the CBD product feels just like an ordinary medicine. It’s round on the edges, meant for oral intake. The content inside the capsules can be a CBD tincture, powdered CBD, wax or simply a CBD oil.

CBD Softgels: What Do They Feel Like?

Softgels, on the other hand, are manufactured with the help of tinctures. So, what does CBD feel like? Softgels are cool, soft, and moist products, and they have been gaining popularity as well. As far as appearance is concerned, CBD Softgels are colorful and transparent.

What Does CBD Oil Feel Like?

CBD oil comes in different varieties according to the purpose it’s meant for. For example, CBD oil features in topical creams, lotions, edibles, vapes, and other CBD infused products. Therefore, its physical and chemical profile varies.

Some cannabidiol oils are colorless and transparent, while others have that typical yellowish look. They feel like ordinary oil.

CBD Concentrates

CBD concentrates come in different types and they’re more helpful in explaining what does CBD feel like.

●Some CBD concentrates are highly refined to form CBD crystals. Remember, it’s pure CBD. It feels soft and it’s not sticky - more like refined salt.

●CBD wax is another type. It’s actually a refined and processed CBD oil extract. It is soft and sticky and has that brownish color as well. It’s partially translucent.

●CBD Crumble, another type, has a soft texture. It crumbles when heated or touched.

●Another popular type, CBD Shatter, is a thin slab of CBD concentrate. It apparently feels harder than crumble but can be broken into smaller pieces if you apply extra force.

Finally: What Does CBD Feel Like

By now, you’ve got a good idea about what does CBD feel like. The above information will surely help determine the quality and consistency of the product you’ll buy.

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