What Does CBD Mean?

Posted by Saad on 14th Sep 2021

Late to jump onto the CBD bandwagon? Or maybe, you’re an experienced CBD buyer who wants to refresh their CBD knowledge. Either way, knowing the answer to what does CBD mean will certainly help your cause!

In recent decades, CBD for sale has made it to the buying list of countless people in the US. With an increasing demand for CBD, it only makes sense for customers to have all the up-to-date knowledge on CBD that they possibly can. This journey starts by learning the answer to what does CBD mean. Let’s find out!

CBD – What Does It Mean?

Let’s not beat around the bush. What does CBD mean? CBD is short for ‘Cannabidiol’ and is a chemical that is known as a cannabinoid. It has existed for centuries and the first documentation of CBD in history dates back to around 6000 B.C.

In the case of the western world, Dr. Roger Adams isolated CBD in 1940. This allowed further experimentation of CBD and soon led to a variety of CBD for sale being available.

What Plant Is CBD Obtained From?

To understand what CBD means, you have to know which plant it’s obtained from. The answer to that is the cannabis Sativa plant. This plant is often referred to as hemp or cannabis. It’s known to contain up to 80 different cannabinoids, one of them being CBD.

This plant can be grown in various regions of the world. In the US, industrial hemp became legal in 2016.

CBD & THC – The Difference

The key to knowing what does CBD mean is figuring out the difference between CBD and THC. Ever since the discovery of these two cannabinoids, people have been making the mistake of confusing them as the same.

However, the only thing similar about them is their molecular structure! THC has certain psychoactive compounds that are not present in CBD. These compounds put THC in an entirely different category from CBD.

Are There Different CBD Varieties?

Now that you know what CBD means, let’s talk about the different varieties available in the CBD world. These varieties exist in the dozens and some of the most popular ones are:

●CBD oil

●CBD concentrates




●CBD for Pets


Keep in mind that most of these CBD varieties have several sub-varieties available in them too! So, don’t get confused and just read more about them in our blog section.

Where Is CBD For Sale Available?

Is there any point in knowing what does CBD mean if you don’t know where to find it for sale and how? Luckily for you, finding CBD isn’t tough today as several vendors exist in the market. These vendors exist in two main places that are:



Customers can first of all find CBD locally at some big-box retailers, grocery stores, specialty retailers, and sometimes even gas stations. These local options have a limited variety of CBD products and usually offer high prices. Hence, most customers choose to buy their CBD online. Since the online CBD world has intense competition, customers can easily find an extensive variety of high-quality CBD at some of the most economical prices.

Both online and local options can be found by doing a quick Google search for ‘The best CBD vendors nearby’ or ‘The best CBD vendors in my state’. Local options can also be found by driving around and searching for them or by asking your family and friends.

The Rise of CBD in the US

There’s no doubt about it, the CBD industry is booming in the US! 40% of Americans buy CBD regularly and to supply this high demand, countless CBD vendors have popped up. Estimates have suggested that the value of the CBD industry in the US will reach around $2 billion by 2021.

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