How Much CBD Should You Take?

CBD is legal in all 50 states and can be purchased legally for personal use.  While it is legal to buy CBD, we are unable to make statements regarding its use for any medical or health related issues. What we can tell you, is that you should contact your medical professional for specific medical advice related to your current health and medical history. Further, there is are a number of published medical articles and research listed on our site and there is a wealth of information online about its use anecdotally. These are the results that people are getting. If you want to ask our customers how CBD has helped them, you can join our Facebook group, CBD Oil Forum.

CBD is a plant extract and dietary supplement. Many people use a range of dietary supplements such as vitamins, vegetable extracts, and plants extracts. These are available from health stores, supermarkets, pharmacies or directly online. Many would agree that eating well and taking supplements can be beneficial for your overall health. All of our products are sourced from suppliers with high standards, and each product is laboratory certified.

Research is currently being undertaken with CBD and as that research becomes available, we will add that here. We ask that you read them and make your own judgement. We can not recommend CBD for any medical or health use, as we are prohibited by law from doing so.

CBD Dosage

Being a plant extract, there are no known issues with taking too much CBD. We have often seen the analogy of "can you eat too much spinach?" Generally, it’s considered that having a balanced diet and using dietary supplements in a balanced way is a safe strategy. Generally, it’s recommended with all dietary supplements that you start off with a lower dosage and increase that over time, finding the level that works best for you. From time to time you may feel the need to increase or decrease that based on well-being, just like in winter when getting cold or flu symptoms, we may personally choose to increase supplements and then reduce them when feeling better again.

Average Adult Usage

10 mg
- Mild use, maintaining balance through daily chaos.

25 mg - Moderate, fighting minor mind and body stresses that life sends your way.

50 mg - Major, for mind and body wellness support to counter major bodily stresses.

We are advising general industry recognized usage, just as you would use vitamins, vegetable extracts and plant extracts daily to support you and balance your diet. We recommend you consult your Doctor, Pharmacist or Medical Professional before taking any supplements.

Our site carries CBD in various forms. An important factor is the CBD content. The various types of product allow for varying tastes and applications of CBD.

Through our site, where possible, we will list the quantity needed to achieve 10 mg, 25 mg and 50 mg doses.

Due to federal regulations, we are not allowed to advise you on the amount of CBD that you should take for specific conditions. However, we can direct you to the link below and it’s then your choice whether to use it as a guide.  The page that it links to is not in any way associated with and we want to make it very clear to our users that by visiting this page, you understand that the information provided there has no connection with

Should you decide to use CBD oils for pain relief, treatment of anxiety or any other ailments, only refer to the amounts mentioned there as pure guidelines and not as a means of making any claims that CBD can be used as a cure for any type of health condition or ailment. As the effect of these products has not been proven by research conducted by the FDA, please bear in mind that all the information presented here cannot be used as a substitute for information provided by your healthcare practitioner. The FDA treats hemp (and CBD by association) as a food or supplement product and as such, it cannot be considered as a prescribable medication. The information about dosage should only be taken as a guideline and not a treatment plan.

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