What Is CBD Used For?

By law, while it is legal for us to sell, and for you to buy CBD, we are prohibited from prescribing CBD for use for any medical treatment. We have stated dosages on this site for adult usage for various levels of health support. To receive medical advice, we ask that you consult your Medical Professional.

There is a significant amount of information online about what people have been using the product for anecdotally, which means they talk about their personal experience. This does not mean that it would work the same way for you. If you would like to ask our customers how CBD has helped them, you can join our Facebook community, CBD Oil Forum.

CBD is a plant extract and many plant extracts are available from your Pharmacy, supermarket, Medical Practitioner and online suppliers, representing reputable brands just like we do. The key point of difference between us and your Pharmacy or supermarket, is that we specialize solely in CBD products.

On this page we will list articles, research papers and YouTube videos about CBD that you can also find in a Google search. We collate them here for your reference and information. If you feel that you have a medical health related issue, we advise that you contact your Medical Professional, have them contact us or have them connect with this site for additional information. We are happy to send out information that would be useful for them.

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